Rain Dragon Martial Arts
High Quality Aikido and Taekwondo Instruction
(360) 601-9209  

7613 NE St Johns Rd
Vancouver, WA 98665

Important Information

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We are a family friendly school.


Welcome to
Rain Dragon Martial Arts!

 We are a black belt school, offering high quality
Aikido,  Taekwondo, and Bujinkan training programs
 in a clean, supportive, fun environment.

Realize the benefits* of martial arts, including: 
  • Physical fitness, improved balance and flexibility, and stress reduction  
  • Self defense and bully avoidance 
  • Building integrity, self confidence, focus and concentration, cooperation, respect for others, patience and perseverance 
  • Having fun and making new friends 

*Individual results may vary. 

Why Choose Us?  
  • High quality instruction in three different arts
  • Injury prevention protocol 
  • Convenient class times
  • Small class sizes with lots of individual instruction
  • Separate adult and kids' classes
  • Clean, safe environment 
  • Competitive prices: A great value for the money!
  • No initiation fees! No required contracts!               


 Rain Dragon Martial Arts  
7613 NE St Johns Rd
 Vancouver, WA 98665
 (360) 601-9209  

We are conveniently located at the corner of 78th Street and St Johns in Vancouver.  


Martial arts can be a lifelong, healthy practice. Our classes start at about age four.